Origins and Aspirations

To bring about assurance or repeatability of certain parameters of goods and services traded, we need to create certain rules. Or Standards. Often created using minds that have experience and creativity. Once created, these standards help us put value to services and goods and empower us to trade these effectively. Abhishek, noticed several common practices within the TIC world and different industry sectors. He also noticed that thousands of people across geographies have been developing these rules (standards) based on the patterns they saw.

Creating a common platform where people can share their learnings of these patterns can help human race catapult forward. He aims to bring together like-minded people who are open to learning and sharing. This website has several plans.

Beginning with a blog that will be a publishing ground for these views, a repository of people from around the world with knowledge and experience in specific domains related to industry; standards and methods. The methods and standards that are used to define, measure and report variables that bring about patterns and repeatability.