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The journey of standards, compliance and innovation.

TIC is the backbone of quality assurance

The Testing, Inspection, Certification industry which is the backbone of any type of Assurance has been growing at a breakneck speed. While these three (TIC: Testing, Inspection, Certification) may not be enough to describe the industry, it is one of the oldest needs of any transaction as it establishes trust. Despite being around since mankind started transacting, it is still not very organized or known or understood well.

Many drivers are behind creating this website as the interest in this industry continues to increase. Every year, more “externally managed money” enters into this industry as an investment. There is a shift in the “trust establishers” (which are the key elements of the TIC industry). Traditionally, these “trust establishers” were specific group of experts in the form of industry associations or harbingers of new or just “a trusted few”. Now they are more organized either in form of small to medium organizations who may or may not be ‘for profit’; right up-to extremely large ‘businesses’ listed on stock exchanges. The scale of the need for trust also varies from two individuals or businesses wanting to transact; and goes up to governments within a country or between countries agreeing on matters.

The primary driver of this website is expanding and evolving the knowledge of users as well as sellers of these basic assurance services. It is also expected to bring together the players of this industry as they continue to evolve and organize themselves. Some sections describe or give previews on how some of the future elements will unfold.

As the TIC industry matures to become one of the professions to be talked along those of Doctors and Lawyers, this website aims to increase the understanding of the evolving industry and bring more experts together.

The journey of Standards, Compliance and Innovation!

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