Driving Climate Change Action: The Crucial Role of the Conformity Assessment Industry

Defining Climate Change Actions

Gigabytes and gigabytes of ‘Information’ and ‘Ideas’ are all over defining all that businesses and individuals are convinced about. The Conference of Parties number 28 happening here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and are busy defining more and more actions. Contingents of businesses and individuals representing the TIC industry stakeholders ranging from ABs (Accreditation Bodies), SDOs (Standard Development Organizations), CAB’s (Conformity Assessment Bodies) as well as Authorities and Government bodies along with Businesses are busy running from one end of the Blue Zone to the other end of the Green Zone!

This note is not do dwell upon those; but to define how the effectively of the TIC industry is the backbone of driving any change!

Basic Tool for Change : Measurement

No change can be initiated without defining Accountability. And in order to set the Targets and to Define Benchmarks; we need to start with Data-Points and that….. constantly need Accurate Measurement!

In order to Quantify Progress; there is a need for having a clear framework of Independent measurement and reporting systems that are reliable.

This is bread and butter of the TIC industry. This is what they do all the time! Read about the Heart of the TIC industry to learn about list of published standards already in use across so many industries

Reports versus Assurance tools

This is where the attention is really needed for everyone to be on the lookout! What do you really rely on to take decisions or form opinions.

Reports: Which could be Test Reports or Research Reports ( or nearly everything that ends with a report!) always has an interesting problem: It needs to be really long as it needs to report a lot of matters to create the total context. But where is the time to read it!

Often decision and opinions are led by go-no-go or bottom lines …… and the key scenarios reported, the constraints, the assumptions are missed. In fact sometimes the real report is actually the assumption or the constraint! When the reader reads it, their comprehension and complexion of the data could actually even reverse

Assurers are (or can be) the Third Party Conformity Assessment Bodies ! You can rely on them only when you learn their language and their business. 

Hiring them incorrectly or for a ill-defined scope could leads to large embarrassments/ financial losses / change in governments…

In essence, measurement serves as the cornerstone for effective change management. Whether applied to organizational performance, social impact, or environmental sustainability, it provides the objective insights needed to navigate the complexities of change, make informed decisions, and drive continuous improvement.

Effective climate change action requires a comprehensive and coordinated approach involving governments, businesses, communities, and individuals. It involves a combination of policy frameworks, technological advancements, behavioral changes, and international collaboration to address the complex and interconnected challenges posed by climate change.

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