Abhishek Chhabra possesses a profound passion for pushing the boundaries of the Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) industry. Since embarking on his journey in 2007 within this sector, he identified a significant obstacle hindering the growth of the companies he engaged with – a pervasive lack of understanding about what the Assurance Industry does. Recognizing the need for a collaborative space, he initiated a LinkedIn Group to unite professionals across stakeholders worldwide who define the TIC industry. This website also serves as a central hub for various initiatives and ideas aimed at advancing the TIC industry. Explore more about his endeavours here or reach to him directly.

1. Articles

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  10. The Mechanics of Technical Compliance : Structural Fire Protection. Fire Middle East · Apr 1, 2022 Click Here to read
  11. The Cladding Problem: Establishing and Assessing Safe Building Envelopes. The International Journal of Conformity Assessment (IJCA) · Apr 1, 2022 Click Here to read
  12. Understanding Compliance: Compartmentation. Fire Middle East · Jul 29, 2022. Click Here to read
  13. Understanding Compliance : Fire Doors .Fire Middle East Magazine · Oct 15, 2022 Click Here to read
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  15. Structural Fire Protection: Compliance Pitfalls. Indian Association of Structural Engineers Newsletter · Feb 1, 2023 Click Here to read
  16. Understanding Mock-Up Fire Testing. Windows & Facade Magazine · Mar 1, 2023 Click Here to read
  17. Implementing : Compliance in Cladding Fire Middle East Magazine · Apr 1, 2023 Click Here to read
  18. Assurance of Passive Fire Protection in India. Fire Safe Build India (NürnbergMesse India) · May 11, 2023 Click Here to read
  19. Implementing: Compliance in Paints and coatings Fire Middle East Magazine · Aug 1, 2023 Click Here to read
  20. Typical Pitfalls in implementing fire safety with glazing Fire Middle East Magazine · Nov 1, 2023 Click Here to read

2. Key Webinars

  1. Code and Material Compliance || مقدمه عن كود البناء و مطابقه المواد للكود. View Here
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