Offerings for growing the tic business

Most of the activities in the TIC industry are run by businesses or organisations which feel the need to grow. Unlike the consumerism led industries producing products and services which fulfil a need or a desire; most of the offerings of the TIC industry don’t quite do that. The needs for the development of conformity mechanisms, constructs to drive the conformity mechanisms (Standards, contracts, laws) often have very unique drivers and motivations. So, if you are in the TIC industry, below are some of the offerings that might interest you.

Join the community

There are a growing number of experts who now understand one or several scores of published standards extremely well. These experts (or Gurus) not only have a lot in common on matters related to comprehension of the TIC world, but also are very sought after for their specific domain knowledge. We have a growing community of experts and you are welcome to register yourself and benefit from the growing advantages these experts will have. Click here to know more.

Training modules for Business Development and Sales Professionals in TIC

Experts from various industries are constantly joining the TIC industry or working closely with the TIC industry. We have developed several training series which will enable you to better understand the industry as well as how to grow the reach of an entity in this industry or progressing in your personal journey. Reach out to us at to connect further.